If you found me through my photography you probably hate being filmed, aren’t totally sold on the idea of a wedding video and imagine them all to look like super intense close ups of your face set to stock piano music à la Love Actually.

Lemme show you the alternative…

I started out life in videos. Creating Spice Girls music videos from the living room, Pink Panther rip-off short films (it was usually a soft toy that DUNNIT) and forcing my sister in front of the camera to interview our family members when we went on holiday for our own series of ‘Holiday Homes’…I’ve always been at home behind the camera capturing it all. My ethos to Wedding Videos is much the same (although I won’t force you to wear your pants over your trousers and speak in a terrible French Accent unless you REALLY want to).

A little underwhelmed by the usual format of wedding videos, I wanted to create something with my signature stamp. So, as always, it’s all about telling the authentic story of your day. We use the same cameras to shoot both video and photo, causing us to seamlessly slip into your day so much that often your guests have no idea they are being filmed. There’s no posing, no big rigs, no overwhelming mic situations…you’ll barely know we are there, until 6 weeks later a video using music you have chosen lands in your inbox (I suggest tissues at the ready).