Edit Queue 2023

Dates are listed as approx 10 weeks from your wedding day and may be subject to change. Current editing timelines are at around 8-12 weeks. Thanks for allowing me time to create and deliver the best work I possibly can!

Liv & Wayne /


Lavender Shoots

2nd Aug / Delivered

Chloe & Nigel

2nd Aug / Delivered

Kate & Oli /


Ali & Ellie

18th Aug / Delivered

Alex & Mike

26th Aug / Delivered

Claire & Matt

2nd Sep / Delivered

Dave & Cate

12th Aug / Delivered

Hayley & David

7th Sep

Emma & Justin

/ Delivered

Nat & Mike

25th Sep

Laura & Daria

5th Sep / Delivered

Eli & Chris

7th Oct

Rhiannon & Connor

9th Oct

Jo & Luke

12th Oct

Jenny & Kevin

30th Sep / Delivered

Raya & Jamie

Due 13th Oct

Gemma & Liam

Due 14th October

Kayleigh & Bryony

Due 24th October

Beth & Matt

Due 13th Oct

Juliet & David

Due 26th Oct

Sam & Bex

Due 27th Oct

Isobel & Sam

Due 28th Oct

Beckie & Harry

Due 24th Oct

Kayleigh & Liam

Due 10th Nov

Abbie & Lucian

Due 10th Nov

Char & Oli

Due 11th Nov

Ana & Pippa

Due 4th Nov