Where Do We Start: Wedding Inspiration

The internet has an abundance of wedding inspiration in store for you - so much so that it can feel overwhelming! It all feels inaccessible at first so try to focus on one thing you love first, i.e. a bouquet, a centre piece, a backdrop for your vows, and build from there. Social media can be your best friend if you use it smartly… Check out my Pinterest board / other blogs if you need some wedding inspiration from me!

How do I get inspiration?

> Check out your venue’s tagged pictures 

> Search hashtags that resonate with you (e.g #ecowedding)

>Make used of the ‘saved posts’ features to create mood boards for yourself and your suppliers

> Ignore like and follow counts and focus on how their product / style / work vibes with you


Pinterest is undoubtedly a favourite place to surf throughout the wedding planning process. There’s a whole world of wedding inspiration right there at your fingertips and that’s amazing. However, it can get super addictive. My advice would be to take regular breaks and check in with yourself: is this what you truly what you want? Sleep on it! Do you still want it? Does it really fit you and the style of your wedding or does it make for a pretty picture? 

The best weddings I have been to are those that truly reflect who you are as a person. Some of my faves:

> Eli & Chris went with a ‘film theme’ so instead of canapés they had popcorn and their centre pieces were built around their fave films

> India & Joe built their centre pieces around their treasured pop toys

> Loz & Keiran had a ‘first game’ with some arcade machines they hired

> Char & Alun had their ceremony at Fabrica which meant we could hop into the Brighton Lanes for a mid-wedding couples shoots 

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