What to do if it rains on your wedding day

Hey, guess what? You can't control the weather.

Unless you are Storm from X-Men (and if so please can I shoot your wedding) there ain't a damn thing you can do about the rain. Even in summer, it *might* rain on your wedding day. And if you're really unlucky you might have two weddings, and it might rain on BOTH!

You can totally be sad about it, but you can also embrace it (and get awesome photos too)

Just Get Wet

Great thing about it? You'll dry off! Be prepared with some clear umbrellas and a change of shoes if you need one. Wearing a white dress? I promise you, it was NEVER going to stay white even on a dry summers day. Make that extortionate dry-cleaning bill worth it and go play!

There is nothing more liberating than jumping in puddles like you're five years old again, so do it on your wedding day and make some core memories.

It won't rain forever

Ok it might rain literally all day but it's so rare for that to happen. Most of the time rain in the morning makes for an EPIC sunset later on (see next pic) and there will be little breaks. Be prepared to leg it when your photographer shouts GO GO GO and trust that they got this. A good photographer will always have a rainy day plan stored away in their heads for 'worst case' scenarios.

There's always another time

If it's the absolute worst case scenario and you had your heart set on certain photos - book in another shoot! There is nothing stopping you from throwing your glad rags on again and getting out there with your photographer at a later date. Unlimited portrait time without the FOMO and timeline stresses of a wedding day? Sign me up!

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