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The ultimate DIY wedding is any Brighton wedding photographer’s dream. Think town hall, hand written notes to guests, polaroid photos, the Laines and then a HOUSE PARTY - Ali & Ellie’s wedding had it all. They opted for the all day photo package

The Planning Stage

Let me take you back to the beginning when I met these beauts for a coffee to discuss wedding plans. They were going through the usual difficulty of trying to decide how to run their non-traditional wedding. The normal, traditional timeline is there for a reason because it 'works'! But what if it *doesn't work* for you. I love my clients to delve deep in what they actually want. Ali & Ellie were searching for wedding photography in Brighton that celebrates the alternative and I was very very very happy to help. 

The Timeline

Ali & Ellie got ready at home in Brighton and I met them as they greeted their family outside the Brighton Town Hall. After some hugs and tears, the couple went off to be interviewed while their Mums handed out hand written notes & confetti (Flutter, Darlings! is the best). Then more hugs and tears during a beautiful ceremony.

Lunch at Plateau

After the ceremony and some quick group pics, the party then headed to Plateau for lunch. The upstairs room is so perfect for a small wedding party, and the decor is so beautiful that you don’t need to dress up the room at all (another job ticked off the list). The staff were amazing, the food was RAVENOUS - this is somewhere I’d 100% recommend. 

Couples pics in Brighton Laines

After some speeches I took Ali & Ellie for a wonder through the lanes (check this blog out for similar inspiration) to get some of the colourful, fun and alternative photos - this is wedding photography in Brighton as I know it. We stopped at Snoopers Paradise to visit the Photo Booth, because vintage polaroid pictures on your wedding day is a must. 

The House Party

After a quick swim on my break (being a wedding photographer in Brighton is a DREAM), I then rejoined the wedding party at the couple’s house for a banging house party. They transformed their house with buffet food and a bar with fridges full of booze (Facebook marketplace). Their neighbours joined them and it was such a beautiful end to a non-traditional, DIY wedding full of love, all things Brighton, and personal touches.

The joy of DIY

The stress of a DIY wedding / house party is not to be downplayed, but the results are SO WORTH IT. This was Brighton Wedding Photography in a nutshell: daring, non-traditional, colourful & FUN. You don't have to do what tradition dictates, you don't have to spend thousands on a wedding venue you don't want. Do it your way!

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