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HOLY SH*T BALLS I’m on it again! For the 2nd consecutive year I have been included in the Top 50 Wedding Photographers UK by the Professional Photo Mag & Pic-Time. 

Top Wedding Photographer UK 2022 & 2024

Back in 2022 I felt undeserving. I felt like I only got onto this list because of a social media post that blew up. We all have that feeling from time to time, so allow it to have its moment before asking it to move on. 

But today I feel an immense sense of pride. Not because I've made the list of Top Wedding Photographers UK (there are hundreds of people quietly sprinkling their magic, unrecognised by the industry) , but pride in what I have achieved and what my business means to me. 

"Celebrating love in all its form"

Pride in supporting marginalised communities; pride in educating a cis-normative, hetro-normative, male-dominated industry to become more inclusive; pride in celebrating love in whatever form it comes in; pride in sharing this business with my partner who has joined full-time. 

Making this list is awesome, but reading what Professional Photo Mag & Pic-Time in the Top 50 Wedding Photographers UK wrote about me is the real kicker:

“Kim Williams is an exceptional wedding photographer renowned for her candid and fun style. With a deep rooted belief in equality, Kim is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ rights and embraces a feminist approach in her work.

Through her lens, she captures genuine experiences filled with joy, laughter, and raw emotions. Kim’s photographs reflect her commitment to celebrating love in all its forms and her dedication to creating an inclusive and empowering environment for couples.

With her unique blend of creativity, authenticity and advocacy, Kim Williams Weddings is a trusted choice for couples seeking a photographer who not only documents their special day but also wholeheartedly supports and celebrates their love story.”

Top wedding photographer awards 2022

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