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Being based in Brighton means I have literally the BEST locations for your beautiful Engagement Shoot. Think beach, piers, colourful laines, record shops, BEAUT PEOPLE and much much more. If urban shoots aren’t your thang then we have the entire of the South Downs to play with too! Check out our engagement pricing here. 

Booking an engagement shoot is the best thing you can do if you’re feeling unsure about what you’ll be like in front of the camera. It’s a chance to show you how I work and what I’m best at: making you feel GREAT. Being a Brighton photographer means that generally clients make a trip out of visiting Sussex... what’s not to love about visiting the seaside! 

Alternative & Vibrant Wedding Photography

My whole style is alternative, colourful & totally personal wedding photography. When I say alternative I mean whatever makes the client feel comfortable to be themselves. I have had clients want to visit the pub (White Rabbit is my absolute fave), buy a record (Cult Hero is where it’s at), get a polaroid at Photomatic, or chase a golden hour at Devils Dyke. Each is individual and beautiful to them. 

Fix the Weather Anxiety with an Engagement Shoot

We’re in the UK. It rains. It’s grey. As a Brighton Wedding Photographer I can testify that the weather is hella unpredictable! So, the one thing you can’t do is plan your wedding around weather (check out this blog on when it rains). What you can do is book a pre-wed shoot and embrace some flexibility! If you do decide to book a pre-wed shoot then we make sure we’ve got a few dates pencilled so that if the weather lets us down then we can reschedule. 

Coming to Brighton?

Check out this blog I wrote on best engagement spots in Brighton.

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