How to nail Wedding Sparklers

Do your wedding sparklers BEFORE everyone is too drunk

Not only is it a pain in the ass for us suppliers to herd drunk people outside, it's then absolutely terrifying to hand them pyrotechnics!

A wedding sparkler exit is a great idea, but only if you're willing to walk through a fire tunnel with a head full of hairspray. If so, I am one hundred percent capturing it with bells on and we will nail that shot!

Don't interrupt your killer flow

I love using sparklers as a way to keep your day running smoothly.

Using them before the first dance is a great way to then get everyone on the dance floor. Or pop them after the bands first set and get your MC to hop on the mic and direct everyone outside.

Winter Wedding? It's dark by 4pm! Have them after the ceremony in place of confetti, or before your guests are seated for dinner.

OMG please walk slowly

If we're doing a sparkler aisle at your wedding holy cow please don't run down it at me! I have to walk backwards into a wall of fire - so take your sweet time and stroll on down (fully encourage then running back through afterwards like you're in a movie - see above)

My fav way to avoid the fear is having a big old group shot: getting everyone behind you and lighting up all at once. It's way more effective for that killer shot and so much fun too!

If we're in, we're in

I do actually adore a wedding sparkler shot (gimme any and all the props on your wedding day) so I am hella game, but do have a think about them and chat to your photographer and venue before you go ahead and buy them. I've seen too many couples roll their eyes at the thought of getting everyone outside again after they've relaxed into party mode, or be too drunk to give a shit.

Communication is always key! If we're doing it, I'm all in and encourage you to smooch, frolic, giggle and have fun! If you decide you can't be arsed in the end, I'll hide them behind the bar for you and won't tell a soul...

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Technical Tips for Wedding Sparklers:

  • Use whatever ambient light is available to you: fire pit, festoon lights, barn doors etc
  • Low f stop (wide open) and high ISO
  • Sparklers right in front of your lens (you holding them or someone you trust!) to create glorious depth
  • Blue hour is the ideal time, but they can work in pitch black too if you have enough of them
  • Give the couple two in one hand to light their faces up good and proper

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