Colourful Queer Welsh Barn Wedding at the Ceridwen Centre

Sometimes I open my enquires and SQUAL with glee. Here was Emmy & Zoe’s:

‘We both happen to be actor musicians, based in London, and are currently planning our big gay Welsh wedding for June next year.

Yes, you read that right. Next year. Following a sudden cancellation, we're currently on a mad hunt for a Queer / Queer-friendly photographer, and having spent hours panic-scrolling through page upon page of cis-het males taking dark photographs of people's shoes, your page has been a *very* welcome break.

Our wedding is looking to be a Queer, shabby chic, weekend-long affair with fire-spinning, a saxophone-playing drag Queen and a bilingual ceremony, no less!’

WELL, obviously I was seven hundred percent on board, so a few months later I packed up Melon (my campervan) and we headed to West Wales. After a couple days of utterly delightful rainy solitude wild camping at a spot near the venue, I rocked up ready to shoot what I knew was going to be a highlight of my career…and OH WAS IT JUST THAT.

There was so much love in this barn that I think I cried as much as Emmy did. Speeches ending with ‘Fuck the tories!’ bunting spelling out: Eat The Rich - and nothing but joyous, beautiful, queer love. And those OUTFITS!

Take a look for yourselves…

The Ceridwen Centre is THE place to get married in West Wales. I could not think of a more perfect venue. Filled with light making for gorgeous photos and with dozens of incredible hidden spots around the grounds - you couldn't wish for more.

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