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Being a Brighton wedding photographer makes it part of my DNA to challenge the norm and Ana & Pip did just that opting for colourful, alternative wedding photography. They opted for the All Day Photo package.

Alternative Wedding Photography in a Lewes Warehouse

It never felt odd to me to break tradition. Perhaps it’s my neurodivergent brain that finds it more baffling when folks get married because ‘that’s what people do. It’s my nature to challenge everything and that’s why you get alternative wedding photography that captures all those little details that make your wedding you. 

> Don’t wanna wear white? Don’t! 

> Sit down, three course meal not for you? Screw it!

> Walking down the aisle not your vibe? You truly don’t need to. 

Ditch the tradition...

More and more of my clients are choosing non-traditional & alternative wedding photography (check out this blog for alternative wedding photography in Brighton). Whether it’s crafting their own personal ceremonies, using a celebrant (check out Henri Tatham) or ditching some of the other traditions, you need to do what’s right for you - it will make the day SO much more comfortable if it makes you feel good in your gut. 

So Ana & Pip set their wedding in a warehouse in Lewes on a warm summers day… 

> Gathering 100 guests under a canopy flag made by Pip herself

> Guests were given ribbon sticks and encouraged to go wild (which they did!)

> They heard heart-felt readings from pals and sisters before listening to a cello piece composed especially for them

>  They were blessed in a water cleansing ritual 

> The band kicked off their evening festivities with a HUGE group hug

If you’re planning a wedding right not, or thinking about one in the future, I urge you to keep checking in: ‘does this feel right for us?’, and keep asking until you’ve got an answer to ‘HELL YES’. 

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