Chilled London Elopement Old Marylebone Town Hall

There's something about the Old Marylebone Town all that always brings me the most chilled and wonderful clients. Babsi and Tobi got in touch a couple of months before their London elopement to ask if I'd be up for spending an hour exploring the streets of Shoreditch (their new home) before meeting three mates at the Old Marylebone Town Hall for an intimate and emotional ceremony. If you know me, you know that elopements are my thing! So, with Shoreditch being my old stomping ground before I left for Brighton, I was so excited to take them to my favourite spots where we snapped some relaxed and gorgeous portraits around this colourful and chilled part of London. The best thing about shooting in London is just how happy strangers on the streets are to see two people on their wedding day! The amount of smiles we inspired and 'congratulations!' these two had shouted at them had us all feeling on top of the world.

Elopement Advice

I love it when my couples find time for the two of them before their ceremony to snap these kind of chilled wedding photos. Even though they only have three guests joining them for the ceremony at Old Marylebone Town Hall and then for lunch, it meant that when they did see their pals we had already shots these intimate moments, so they could crack on with hugs and catch ups and drinks straight after the ceremony instead of me whisking them away. I had also spent an hour or so scouting out all the best spots of photos on that particular day before meeting Babsi and Tobi so that we had the smoothest of rides in the hour before the ceremony with no surprise scaffolding or painted over graffiti spots! They had booked my Elopement Package which is two hours of shoot time, but I block out four or five hours to allow for travel, location scouting time and overflow - as these days never usually go to plan, or you find you're loving the photos so much you want me to stay!

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