Alternative wedding photography ideas: dogs at Islington Town Hall! 

Did you know you can bring your pooch to the ceremony at Islington Town Hall? It’s the best thing ever! Alternative wedding photography doesn’t have to be about the small details, or getting married by a stone circle / Puppet Theatre (granted - those are amazing - check out this blog on an incredible alternative wedding in Norwich), it can be as simple as including your pet! Jess & Alice opted for a bespoke photography package.

Including Your Best Pals (Pets)

This little pup made sure everyone knew the day was about her: inserting herself into the ring exchange, standing attention to the vows and howling along to everyone’s cheers after the first kiss. She then walked her humans through a confetti tunnel and to her favourite side streets of Islington Town Hall, before enjoying bubbles on the tube and then having a nap. Utter bliss. 

Alternative wedding photography is all about being non-traditional and doing what’s right for you and you alone. Interrogate every part of the day and think ‘is this really what I want?’. If including a pet in the festivities then DO IT. 

How Can We Incorporate Cats In 2024?

I’m the kind of person that will talk to your animals before you, has to say hello to every dog I meet and whose perfect Friday night is to be home with my cats… so it’s safe to say I freaking love it when you include your pets in your wedding day. Now how can we get cats down the aisle in 2024?

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