Alternative Wedding Ideas: What Are You Calling Your Wedding Party? 

Planning a wedding can be hard, especially if you’re going all out non-traditional. But actually planning a wedding that is true to you and represents the values you live by is so liberating & fun! We've covered where to start & the engagement shoot, below are some alternative wedding ideas, starting with what you’re calling your wedding party.

Are Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Outdated?

Controversial opinion: I reckon the tradition of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen is gonna die out with Gen Z. These days, most of my clients don’t have them at all, or instead create mixed gender / less formal versions:

> I Do Crews

> Best People

> V.I.P’s

> VIPs - pronounced vips (like zips)

> VEEPs 

> Wedding Squad

> Groomsies 

> Bridesies 

> Mates of Honour 

These alternative wedding ideas challenge tradition and makes their wedding unique and true to them. They don’t force them to wear a dress or shoes they feel uncomfortable in. They tend to work around a general colour scheme, or identify them in other ways:

*Loz & Keiran made VIP meme badges (Norwich Puppet Theatre)

*Emmy & Zoe gave their people material that matched their own outfits and some wore them as scarves, tied into their hair or cute welly accessories

*Han & Eva’s I Do Crew wore whatever they liked and had buttonhole flowers to tie them all together

*India’s Bridesmaids did the same but with bouquets whilst Joe’s *Groomsmen went all in matching black suits with handprinted FIRE TIES. 

*Emma & Justin had the same green theme for both their parties to bring them all together at Clapton Country Club.

Doing What's Right For You

It’s not that I’m not here for the more traditional way - when it works naturally and everyone is happy in what they are wearing then it looks amazing and feels nice to be part of. It’s certainly handy to have designated people to help you on the day. But I like that more and more people are picking apart traditions and asking: why?

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