Advent Wedding Challenge 2022

The Idea

I don't know about ya'll but something about 2022 has made me utterly hate being on instagram. I spent a couple of years building a really awesome little community space, before the sudden change in algorithm and some super fun shadow-banning meant that my engagement was down and it felt like I was shouting into the void. I'm not a fan of reels (but that's a story for another time) and so I just sort of stopped posting. Then, for some reason unknown to me, I woke on December the 1st with an idea. Frantically I googled around to see if it had been done already, but nothing came up. So I threw a few prompts together, and voila! I had myself the Advent Wedding Challenge...

The original instagram post that started the Advent Wedding Challenge

And so the Advent Wedding Challenge was born. Immediately, I put out an invitation for my fellow Industry peers to join in with me if they wished (and which I hope they would) to help me stay accountable! Every day leading up to Christmas Eve we would use the prompts to inspire an post on the grid (or maybe even a dreaded reel) and use the hashtag to find each other's posts.

Advent Wedding Challenge Prompts

  1. First of 2022
  2. Show Yo’ Face
  3. Confetti
  4. Dance Dance Dance
  5. Can We Talk About…
  6. Big Laughs
  7. Sparklers
  8. Speeches (where my girls at)
  9. You’re So Golden
  10. Big Reveal
  11. All The Tears
  12. Candid Magic
  13. Story Time
  14. It’s Like Rain…
  15. Juicy Details
  16. Out With The Old
  17. Teeny Wedding
  18. Quiet
  19. Celebrate Celebrants
  20. Throw It Back
  21. Black & White
  22. Thank You
  23. Next Year
  24. Last 2022
An example of a prompt from the Advent Wedding Challenge. This one is Day Five, Dance Dance Dance and shows a vibrant dance floor

It's Day 6 as I write this and we have currently over 600 posts on the hashtag, with so many other vendors from all around the world joining me in this challenge! Photographers, celebrants, venues, wedding planners from as far as South Africa and Australia are posting alongside me every day, and I gotta say - it's seriously helped me climb outta my Instagram rut. Will I make it to day 24? I actually think I might! Come follow along to see, and maybe we'll even see an Advent Wedding Challenge 2023...

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